It is a simple fact that most other people are fools, tools and dunderheads, and thus are eminently deserving of being insulted. Unfortunately, much of the time we are not in a position to insult those most deserving of insults because they may be our boss, our teacher, colleague, relative, husband, wife.

At we offer you the opportunity to vilify the vexatious, deride the dunderheads, taunt the tools and insult the idiots in complete anonymity.

You can lambast your boss, pour scorn on politicians, offend your opponents, show contempt for your co-workers, confound your classmates, and generally ridicule, outrage, and insult. Here you can insult, rave, rant, rage and rail against all that irritates and annoys.

Now you can say what you like, to whom you don’t, without any fear of consequences.


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We support freedom of speech. We do not support racism or prejudice. We hold it self-evident that someone who is an ass, remains an ass, regardless of race, creed, colour, religion or orientation.


If you are stuck for words please visit our Sticks & Stones section, where you will doubtless find some inspiration.


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