By Carborundam -

The Art Of The Insult


The art of the insult is as old as language, as old as humankind, if not older. Are  not the inarticulate warnings and challenges of beasts a form of insult?   From the gruntings of primitive man, through to the debates of the Greek democracies and the Roman forum, the competitive flyting of Viking warriors who proved themselves as well with sword or axe, as with a quick wit and sharp tongue, from the slanging matches in parliaments and congresses, the sledging and trash talking of the sporting field, the rapping and serving of the street, the art of the insult spans culture from the lowest to the highest.

The variety of insults, raves and rants is almost as endless as the variety of language. By combining these you will be able to produce invective in abundance suitable for any recipient or occasion.

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