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Blurp’s Secret Swear For The Day Is…


There are no results for Quezopopacatel in a Google search. The word does have a Mesoamerican sound, and Google suggests searching for Quetzalpapalotl, the Mayan Butterfly God. Let’s assume, with Blurp and Google, that it is the caterpillar before the butterfly; it is the worm.

There is something of a Spanish influence as well, and Queso, is the Spanish word for cheese. Queso also reminds us of queasy, or sick. While popacatel might be an old fashioned boiling kettle, with a hinged lid or spout cover, making a pop-pop-popa sound as it boils, or it may also diseased, dead cattle, bloated in the sun, making a poppa sound as gasses escape their decaying corpses.

Thus to say something to someone such as, “You remind me of Quezopopacatel, who is like the Mayan Butterfly God,” you are actually saying, “You’re a horrible little sick making worm, exploding from the cheesy corpse of a dead cow.”

Yes, it is a difficult word to work into a conversation, but very rewarding if one manages to do so.

You, me and Blurp will know it’s a swear, nobody else will.


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